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October 18, 2019

      You can purchase the most beautiful lamp in the world, and set it on a table, and see the beauty and the craftsmanship of the lamp.  But, the lamp cannot bring light to the room, unless it is plugged-in to the source of the power.  Once the lamp is connected with the source of the power, then you can turn it on, flip a switch, and the light illuminates the room.  There is no shadow or darkness where there is light.  You are the lamp.  I give you My Light.  When we are connected, you shine, you illuminate the darkness and shadow.  You bring light.  But, if the connection is faulty, or loose, or corroded, your light flickers, or dims, and goes out.  I give you all you need.  I give you My Power, My Light, My Love without measure, but it is your responsibility to maintain the connection, so when there is darkness and shadow, you bring the light.

                                                            And The Holy Spirit says:

      No matter how well-made the lamp might be it is useless without connecting to the source of the power.  Once the plug is inserted into the outlet the lamp lights the room.  Make sure you are connected to The Source of The Power for all that is good and holy.