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October 18, 2020



      You are of Heaven.  You are of Earth.  You come from all that is good of Heaven, and all that is good of Earth.  The source of your creation is held within Heaven, for with a thought, I created you.  And now, you are upon Mother Earth, and Mother Earth will nurture, and sustain, you.  You are of good.  Do not turn your head from the source, of the good of Heaven, and the good of Earth.  Embrace who you are, for you are good.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The world, created by man, will raise-up many distractions.  There will be many parades, and many loud voices, but hold to the good of Heaven, that created you, and the good of Mother Earth, sustaining you, now.  Do not permit the distractions to sway your attention.  Focus on the good you are.