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October 18, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you, we are together.  We meet in a quiet place, in a sacred sanctuary.  And when you are still, you feel My presence with you, you know you are no longer alone.  The only time you are alone, is when you are alone within the thoughts, leading you to be worried, or concerned, or anxious.  And these thoughts prompt you to move here, and there, to hurry around, to scurry, when I call you to be still, and quiet, so you might see that all that worry, being created within thee, is not real.  I AM real.  We come from the same Place.  You are of Heaven, and so it is with Me, and today, I reach-out, and touch thee, and say, ‘Come.  Sit, and be still, with Me.’


      “During the times, which are prevalent upon Earth, right now, within the turmoil, rising-up, in the world created by man, right now, it is important for you to remember who you are.  You come from Heaven.  You are a creation of God the Father.  And you have been sent into the care of Mother Earth, for a while.  And, while you are of Heaven, walking upon the Earth, for a while, Mother Earth will sustain you, and nurture you.  The Green Kingdom, every second of every day, assists in your breathing, so you might breathe of Earth.  The Green Kingdom provides food so you might eat, and taste of Earth.  For a brief time, you are of Heaven, and of Earth.  You are of the good of Heaven, and the good of Earth.

      “It is important for you to guard that which is you.  There will be many tempters, and temptations, to lead you away from the goodness of Heaven, and the goodness of Earth; but stay vigilant, and be mindful, and do not be swayed, by the promises made, because a walk into shadow will make your life difficult.  It will steal your glory.  It will rob you of all of the joy you feel, as you exist within the goodness of Heaven, and the goodness of Earth.

      “Do not set-up camp with those who hold anger upon their hearts.  And while you believe that this anger, brewing within the hearts of those around you, will not touch you, you are forgetting that anger is contagious. Anger burns, as a fire, and will consume you.  Anger is as a plague.  Remember that.  Anything done, within the energy of anger, holds anger within its fiber.  That, which is created in anger, holds the energy of anger.  And those, who hold anger in their hearts, do not know joy.  This is clear, direction, and guidance.  I AM not hesitating, or hiding, this guidance.  Do not associate with anger.

      “You are of Heaven, of all the good of Heaven.  And you are of the good of Earth.  Father God, Mother Earth, The Creator, The Nurturer, The Sustainer, they work so you might live.  Mother Earth is taking care of you, until you return Home.  Look at her and see the mighty gift of life she gives unto thee.  Man can cover a great portion of her, with concrete, with cement, and bricks, and mortar, and other things; yet, up through a crack, there comes the sign of life beneath the hard, crusty layer.  And all around the edges, the signs of life grow-up, in grasses, and flowers, and bushes, and trees.  And, if you crack, and break, this hard layer, that has been poured upon her, it only takes hours for Mother Earth to respond to the light of the sun, and show the green grass, and the delicate flowers, which soon spring-up as a meadow, filled with flowers, and bees, and butterflies.  Mother Earth will never stop nurturing, or sustaining you, for she is good. 

      “Do not waste your time on anger, and hatred, on greed, on retaliation.  Do not waste your time on shame, and guilt.  Come, sit with Me, and I will tell you that you are of the good of Heaven, and the good of Earth.  These things must be repeated, until you remember who you are, because, when you remember who you are, it will become easier for you to turn from the dark, from the shadow, and dance in The Light of God.”