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October 20, 2019


      When a child knows all there is to know about the lessons of the first grade, they are passed-on to the second grade, because they have completed a series of lessons, and proven to the teacher that they know how to read certain books, how to add, and subtract, and multiply, and do all of the things required of them, in the first grade.  They complete it, they bring it to an end, they prove what they know, and move to the second grade, to begin again.  And, while they leave the first grade behind, they take all they learned with them.  As they progress through the second, and third, and fourth grade, the lessons of the past assist them in learning the new lessons of the new day, the new time.  I sent Jesus to fulfill all the prophecies of The Old Testament, of the old time, so that The Old Testament was sealed with fulfillment of the promises made through the prophets, so that the new might be brought to those who were ready to hear, to those who were ready to graduate, to move on.  And, your brother Jesus did as he was asked.  He fulfilled the old, and brought the new to each of you.  I sent Him as The Living Word, so that the teachings He brought would hold power.  He lived the teaching, so those with Him could see, and know, and in faith do.  There is great power in The Word.

                                                             And The Holy Spirit says:

      As there is power in The Word of God, it would be good for you to know the power that is in the word you speak.  But, when you deliver the word by living the word, all see, and know.  They see, and know, your thoughts, by what you do.  If your thoughts are pure, and good, and of love that will be the course of your words.  If your thoughts are harsh and clouded that too will be the way of your words.  God’s Living Word walked upon the Earth, let those words become your words.