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October 20, 2019


      “I AM with you.  For those of you who feel My Presence, even slightly, or hear My Words, even dimly, for those of you who receive My Blessing, even occasionally, there is no doubt, you believe it is possible, therefore it happens.  There is no doubt within you, because you know who I AM.  But, for those who doubt it is difficult, and sometimes not even possible to feel My Presence, to know I AM with you, because you are not willing to open.  And, because you say you cannot feel, or hear, or know, that is your reality, but it does not change the truth that I AM with you, and for those of you who are willing to open you know this.                                    


       “You have read a good bit about the living word, you have heard a good bit about the living word, and perhaps you have even talked a good bit about the living word, but today I would like you to consider the power held within the living word.  You do not have to live many years to encounter someone, a child, a grown person, who will make a pronouncement, ‘I cannot do it.’  And, because they have made this pronouncement, announcing to all who will hear that they cannot do it, the reality is, they cannot do it.  They will not even try to do it, because it is set within their head that they cannot do it.  Now, you can stand with them, or sit with them, all day to tell them the ways they can to it, and they might still rise-up, believing on their heart they cannot do it.  But, if you show them how it is done, they cannot deny that you can do it, and the next step forward is, if you can do it, they can do it.  They might not do it as well as you do it, but they can do it.  So, the power of the living word is extraordinary in its course of showing the way.  The same thing goes with forgiveness, kindness, love, compassion, understanding.  You can talk about these things, from the time the day begins until the time the day ends, and many will think, ‘I cannot do it.  I cannot love that person.  I cannot forgive that person.   I cannot be kind to that person.’  They will hear the words, but it will not set a course for positive results.  But, if you become the living word of love, kindness, compassion, understanding, faith, joyful living, if one can see you doing these things, you become the living word, and they cannot deny that you are doing it.  Therefore, if you are doing it, they can do it, and the course follows.  They might not do it as well as you did it, but it can be done, and with practice it can be done better, and better, and better.  This was the reason, this was why, it was necessary for Me to show that it was possible to love, even those ensnared in the web of darkness and shadow.  It is possible to love them.  It is possible to be kind to those who spit upon your face.  It is possible.

       “I set the course, so you could see that it is possible.  The only thing required is your desire to do that which is possible.  You might not do all that I did as well as I did it, at that time; but, with practice you will do it, and you will continue to do it, until it is perfected within you, in such a way, that those watching you say, ‘That man, that woman, they are doing it.  If they can do it, I can do it!’  You see it is contagious.  If you do it, you prove it to be possible.  It is no longer words, flowing in a sentence from this, and that, to the other.  You are now bringing those words to life, and they live.  This is why I added that you can do everything I AM doing, you can do all that I AM doing.  And, besides saying that, I added that you can do even greater things.  So, there was no mistake in that message.  I delivered the message, and you can do all that I did, but there must be the desire.  There is power in the living word, and you hold that power within you.

     “So today, as you make your way through the day into the night, know those around you are watching what you are doing, and saying.  You are living-out, on a stage for all to see, your thoughts.  Let this miracle of the living word take root in your thoughts and rise-up to be the living word of love, today.”