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October 20, 2020



      Let us sit together, often.  Come to Me, frequently.  Visit with Me, and talk with Me.  Ask Me a question, and be quiet, and listen, so you might hear the answer I give to thee.  When our communication is not something unusual, but very usual, then you begin to know Me.  You know My voice.  You know My presence.  You know Me, and My ways, and I know you.  When the time comes that your prayer lifts to Me, and My answer flows to thee, you know, and recognize, My voice.  Frequent communication allows us to grow together, to be familiar with each other.  And this is important, because there might come a day, when the answer I send your way, is totally opposite of what the world created by man might say to you.  And, if you know Me, and My ways, and if you know My voice, from within, you will not hesitate, when I say, “climb up the mountain,” when all others are rushing down.  You will not hesitate, when I say, “walk into the desert,” when all others are rushing out.  You will go, where you are guided, where you are led, and in that sacred place, you shall be fed the manna from Heaven, The Bread of Life.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You know the voice of those you love.  You do not have to turn around to hear one you love, and to see them, to know who they are.  There is no need for you to turn around to hear, or see, them, because you recognize the sound.  You know who they are.  And sometimes, there is no need for words.  You feel their presence, before they say a word.  This is how your relationship with God needs to be, so that the communication is filled with clarity, and the messages are sure, and there is no doubt.


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