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October 21,2020



      When preparing for a trip of a lifetime, there is a time for gathering, a time for packing, a time for study and research.  There is excitement in the preparation, and every aspect of the preparation is a step along the way, is a part of the journey, culminating in reaching the destination.  You are preparing to take a trip through today.  Today will never be repeated.  Every part of this day will be unique.  Everything you see, and everything you encounter, will never be exactly the same, again.  Even though you might drive the same highway, or go to the same office, or school, or park, there will be something different about this day.  Today is a day of a lifetime.  See it as such.  Make this day exciting.  Fill it, with the best you can create, because it will never happen again.  This golden opportunity is uniquely for this day, The Day of a Lifetime.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you begin to see every day of your lifetime upon Earth as unique, special, your everyday experience will be unique and special.  And while your days might be similar, they will never be exactly the same. There is always something slightly different about each day.  It is time to shine the light on all those little nuances, which highlight your day.  Your day will be exactly what you create it to be, so let it be a divine creation, a unique celebration.  Celebrate this day.