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October 22, 2020



      No matter what situations are around thee, no matter what issues have come to visit thee, you have the ability to embrace this new day, as if there is no other.  You have the ability to walk into this day, encouraging yourself, and others, to be of faith, to be joyful, to be courageous and strong, to walk this new day, all the day long, singing, believing, looking, hearing, opening yourself to the experience of a day on Earth.  Each person, each of you, My children, realize, intellectually, that the days that are given to you are numbered.  It is time for you to act, on this information, and treasure each day, setting it high, creating the best day you can create.  It is set before you, right now.  Take My hand, and let us go, together, into this new day.  Do not miss the opportunity to see the glory of Earth, this day.  Do not miss the opportunity to speak of love, this day.  Do not miss the opportunity to create a joyful day.

And The Holy Spirit says

       It cannot be said enough.  It cannot be repeated too many times.  It is that important.  Embrace the day, that is with you, and celebrate the day, that is with you.  Do not look forward, with eager anticipation, to days that are yet to come.  Spend this day, celebrating, creating, looking, feeling, hearing.  Let this day be a day of Earth experience, one that you can make a note about, at the end of the day.  And, instead of inserting a period, at the end of the sentence, describing the day, let there be an exclamation mark, pointing to the joy of this day.  Create it so.  It is within your capability and ability to do so.  Therefore, I encourage you, go out and create a joyful day.


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