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October 23, 2020



      When the path you are walking gets a bit rocky, or the terrain becomes unfamiliar, and you feel a bit shaky, be still, but do not surrender, that which is yours to do, into the hands of: fear, doubt, worry, or anxiety.  Continue your forward progress, with caution, mindfulness, and purpose.  Watch where you are stepping, so you avoid: loose stones, gravel, and rocks; a slip, a tumble, a fall.  Pay attention, and let your progress be a bit slow.  Soon you will find you have made your way over the rocky terrain, out of unfamiliar territory, and you are back on a smoother path, once again.  Resist the temptation to slump down, in the midst of the confusion, holding your head in your hands, moaning about the situation, and how it is impossible to accomplish what needs to be done, in such circumstances. This will only serve to stop your forward progress, and confuse the issues, even more.  Slow, careful progress is better than no movement at all.  When the times, or situations, demand it, slow your pace, set your purpose, and call Me.  Look to Me for guidance.  I will lead you, and My Light will shine upon you, showing The Way.  My Light will illuminate the course you must take, for I will not leave you, I will lead you through.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Before you hurry into the day, look around, and take notice.  Is the path ahead clear and smooth?  Are there scattered rocks or debris to avoid?  Before you take one step, call Me, speak to Me, and ask Me to guide thee through the course of the day.  You will hear Me, and you will feel My presence, and you will begin to know The Way.  We will move forward, until the path is clear, and smooth, once again.  Now, rise-up, and let us not delay, walking into this new day.  I will lead you all along The Way.  Making this passage, over rocky terrain, will restore your confidence, once it is accomplished, once we have made it through.  Together we shall make it through.