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October 24, 2019



      Your authenticity, your identity, your power, your peace will not be found scattered all around you, outside of your body.  You can seek these things in the world created by man, but you will not find them.  They are already yours.  You are looking for that which you have.  You carry these things within you.  Your true identity is within you.  My Power is within you, it is yours.  My Peace I give unto you, it is within you, it is yours.  When you begin to realize that you carry all that you need within you, then you will go within, and you will establish peace.  And, when you establish that peace within you, you will find that love abides within that peace within you.  And, when you are complete with the power of love and peace, you will come to know the real you, the authentic you, and your identity as My child, will become clear to you.  Only when you know the value that is within you, are you able to use that which is all around you to accomplish your goal, without giving-up your identity, without giving-up your soul.

                                                               And The Holy Spirit says:

      Today, it is time to go where the true value is held, and that is within.  Refuse to be tricked, to be distracted into running around all over, here and there, throughout the world created by man, gathering things that are supposed to be of great value.  These things will not fulfill you.  These things will not bring you peace, they will not bring you love.  They will only mask your true identity, and lessen the value that you are.  Today, come to know the real you, for you carry My Power, My Love, and My Peace.  Value these gifts, and let them grow within you.