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October 24, 2020



      Prepare for that which will come to you, for that which comes to you will often be different from that which comes to others.  Rise up and open the door to the place you are, right now.  Some of you will open the door and see rain, others might see sunshine, others might see fog, while others might see trees, dancing in a turbulent wind.  Your experience will be different many times, but you can prepare for whatever comes to you, and be ready.  You can watch and be vigilant.  In the physical world you can prepare for changing weather conditions by: having rain gear at hand; having sunglasses and hats; having fog lights on vehicles in working order; having a safe place designated in your home, office, or school, when there is warning of squalls, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other such storms.  For every threat there is a balance, a response.  It is time to consider preparedness regarding your spiritual wellbeing, before the storms are upon you, before darkness and shadow enshroud you.    Signals are with you all the time, but you are the one who must watch for the signs, and take appropriate measures, so you might make your way through the storms, tempests, and upheavals.  I speak to you so you might know.  Hear Me, and you will know My ways.  My ways will be your answer, your balance, during chaos, and confusion.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not be afraid when storms rise-up all around you.  Seek shelter, and sanctuary, in the arms of God, for the ways of God will calm the angry tempest, and hold you safely, until darkness and shadow threaten no more.