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October 25, 2019



      The baker knows, before you can eat of the cake: you must break the eggs, gather the flour and the butter, set with it instruments of measuring, spoons, whisks; you must make preparation; you must set the oven to a precise temperature; and then, when the oven has reached the desired temperature, and all that has been gathered in preparation is mixed together, with the correct measurements, the batter is poured into the prepared pans, and they are put in the oven to wait for the precise timing to say, it is ready!  And once it is ready, it is taken from the oven, for all to see, and taste, and enjoy, and find delight therein.  Be the baker, for to eat of the food takes preparation and practice, and that which comes from the preparation and the practice is divine!

                                                             And The Holy Spirit says:

      A child, watching a cake being prepared for the first time, is amazed and delighted when out of the oven is taken a cake, delectable food, and this food came from a formless batter, which was put in the oven, just minutes ago.  To the child it is a surprise, a delightful surprise; but to the baker, it was preparation and practice.  Prepare, practice, and you will eat of The Food of Heaven!


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