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October 25, 2020



      Practice doing that which you do not want to do.  Practice doing those things that you have pushed aside, because you do not believe you can do them.  Practice taking the most difficult task first, and then, proceeding, down the line.  Practice.  The things, you do not wish to do, no matter if they are difficult, or troublesome, or distasteful to you, are the things which require your attention.  Practice doing what is difficult to do.  Practice patience.  Practice forgiveness.  Practice compassion.  Practice charity.  The world needs these things from you.  It is not time to count on others being forgiving, or compassionate, or patient.  It is time for you to develop, grow, and encourage others to do the same.  When you are in doubt, or you believe it is impossible, call My name, and I will whisper, and encourage, until you have begun that which you once thought you could not do.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Each one of you has something you know, deep within you, you should be doing, yet it gets pushed aside.  And often, the excuse given is: you did not have time to do it; the regular course, of your regular day, pulled you away, distracted you.  And so, you proceeded, with the routine of the day, and that important matter, was pushed away.  The time has come to address that which has been pushed in a corner, for too long.  Until it is resolved, it will be there, it will be present, you will be carrying a load, which is no longer necessary to carry.  Practice addressing those things you do not want to do, and begin doing them, step by step, until it is accomplished.