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October 25, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I AM here.  Come with Me.  Set yourself aside.  Draw near.  Be quiet.  It is necessary, so you might hear, clearly.  When you knock, when you call, the door is open, the answers are given, freely.  No one is turned away, but you must prepare to hear.  You must practice sitting quietly, so you might hear Me.  I reach-out to you.  I call to you.  I will join you in The Garden of Earth, and we will walk, and we will talk, and you will know Me.  Come, I have something to say to you, today.           


      “That, which I AM going to say, to you today, might surprise many of you.  To know God, to know The Ways of God, you must make the effort to have a personal relationship with God.  And you must assign this relationship the importance it deserves.  For, you know, in your lifetime, you have met people, along The Way, along your life journey, and these people somehow drifted away, even the ones you thought would stay.  Earth friendships require attention.  If you do not pick-up a telephone and call, or pick-up a pen and write, or get in a car to travel to see them, the distance between you grows and grows, and soon you do not know where they are, what they are doing, how they are feeling, because the distance now seems as a sea.  The same thing can happen between you and The Creator.  It is vital, that you take the steps necessary, to maintain a relationship with God.  I say this, because I know it, to be true.  When I came to Earth to walk amongst you, I maintained My relationship with Heaven, with God.  And I asked the questions, and I set My prayers before God, and God answered My prayers, sent Me the answers I needed.

       “Many of you are wondering why you are regularly a part, a member of, a faith community.  No matter what church it might, no matter what temple it might be, you are a member of that group, and you chose that group, because it was comfortable being there, and you liked the other members of that community.  And you go on Sundays, you might go on Wednesdays, you might go other days during the week, maybe daily.  But, when you are quiet, you know, you are missing something.  Something is missing.  What is it?  You are placing more importance on the members of your community, what they say, what they think about you, than you are placing on the importance of connecting with God.  That is your first step.  That should be the first thing you do.  Without this personal relationship with God, everything else is just something you do, it has become routine, it is a part of who you are.  You identify with a certain group, with a certain community, with certain people.  But it can, sometimes, feel as an empty exercise, if you do not have that connection with God. 

      “This takes practice.  It takes a willingness to mark off some time, every day, and sit, and ask for guidance.  It does not have to be complicated, in fact, the more complicated it is, the slower the success, sometimes.  Be quiet.  You cannot hear God, speaking to you, if you are a repeating a litany, a petition, let us say.  You cannot hear God answering your prayer, if you continue to say, what is: ‘the trouble,’ ‘the problem,’ ‘the situation,’ ‘the issue.’  The truth is, God knows.  Therefore, sit, and simply ask for guidance, and it will come to you, once you have established a practice, once you have made yourself comfortable in The Living Room of God, because sitting with God gives you Living Room, room to live as you are meant to live.  And the words of God, flowing to you, will give you the courage necessary to do that which God is asking you to do.

       “Today, I AM suggesting, that possibly, you are finding excuses, within your community of people, not to step into the power that is yours.  Do not become lost in a sea of mediocrity.  Do not forget that there is a mission.  Listen.  Ask for guidance.  Wait for the answer and embrace it.  The truth will come from God.  God will not offer you excuses, as to why you might be able to accomplish your mission.  God will give you wisdom, support, and encouragement, to do that which you are meant to do.  Seek first The Kingdom of Heaven, and you will be at peace, no matter what community you find yourself enjoying.  First things first.  Practice establishing a relationship with God, and everything else will fall into place.  Sit in The Living Room of God, and God will tell you all you need to have the living room you need.”