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October 26, 2019



      When storms come, and the winds blow, and the rains fall, they do not come to those who have little, leaving those who have more.  When the sun shines, and it is warm, and the day is sweet, it does not fall on those who have little rather than falling on those who have more.  When the temptations roam, seeking a home, they do not come to those who have little alone.  No, they come to the rich and they come to the poor, equally.  They are, they exist, the storms, and the sun, and the temptations.  Today, do not permit your ego to stand in the way, so that you treat one individual in a different way, just because they might have little, or they might have more.  Today, as you walk upon the Earth, bring the winds of kindness with you, to fall on all you encounter, without deciding: who is worthy, or who is not; who is good, or who is bad; who has mistreated you, or who has loved you well.  Be as the wind, be as the rain.  Bring with you today, to settle on all you encounter, The Light of the Son, released on all around you, in equal measure.  And to replace all temptations, let The Gifts flow into and through you, so that you might deliver peace, kindness, compassion, understanding to all you encounter.

                                                            And The Holy Spirit says:

      God’s Love does not flow to those God deems worthy of love.  God’s Light does not flow only to those who fulfill all that is asked of them.  God’s Love, and God’s Light flows to all, equally, without measure.  Today, do the same, for come the end of the day you will find that: as you were giving, you too received; as you were loving, you too were loved; as you were understanding and compassionate, you too were understood, and received compassion.  Today, give with all you heart, and you too will receive.