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October 26, 2020



      The answer, to every question, coming to Me in prayer, or in tears, or in anger, is very simple, and it is the only answer you will ever need.  Come, draw near to Me.  Sit with Me, and use the love, I give to thee, to share with others.  My sons and daughters, that is all you need to know.  Do not complicate it.  Do not make it so difficult.  Just stay near to Me, and let My love, for thee, overflow, onto others.  If you stay near to Me, loving others will not be difficult.  The farther you walk away from Me, the more difficult it is to love others.  Listen, as we sit together.  For, no matter who might be vexing thee, I will guide you to love them.  Let My love for you become the love you give to them.  It does not matter what is happening, how difficult times might be, the answer, is held within the sanctuary created by you and Me.  I will not tempt thee to have thoughts of anger, or frustration, or worry, or concern about anyone.  I will say to you, “I love you.  Now, pass that love along.”

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There will be times, when you are tempted to frustration, or even anger, with someone else, or a situation.  And friends might encourage you, and say, “You have every right to feel that way.”  And so, their support, supports you as you continue, creating anger, and frustration.  When you are communicating with God, God will not support you in creating anger, or frustration.  Therefore, if you feel you have every right to your anger, you are not listening to God.  The question then is, who is leading you, who are you following?  Because it is not God.  Sit with God, and you will know The Way, and The Way will be love, and love will bring peace to those of Earth.