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October 27, 2019


      “I AM with you.  It is not difficult to reach through the dimensions to touch one another with whispered words of wisdom.  When you close your eyes, and open your heart, and let your soul point The Way, your spirit will dance with delight, because with your earthly eyes, your physical eyes, closed, it is possible to imagine yourself in a space which is uncluttered, unrestricted, undefined or confined.  These experiences allow you to open more to the possibility that, as you seek guidance, it will come, and most often it comes in a most unsuspected way, unexpected way.                                        


       “It is easy to say that you believe that God is always with you.  In fact, sometimes it is said: out of practice; out of habit; out of something you have heard said, many times; something that has been told to you, many times.  But, do you understand it?  For most of you, you take this on faith.  You have faith that God is with you, and when you move deeper into your faith, that God is with you, you begin to embrace God with you. 

      “Many things, which are not easily understood on the spiritual level, are reflected in things that happen on the Earth.  You see them and understand them.  As you know nature, and the ways of Earth, you begin to draw nearer to comprehending the spiritual connection with: the beings of other dimensions, the beings of Heaven; those who have passed through the veil, and returned Home; God, The Creator of All Things.

       “God is always with you.  Heaven is always with you.  While you are walking upon the Earth, this can be difficult to remember.  But, if you pay attention to what is happening around you, and you watch for the signs, the signs will often reflect that which you cannot see, giving your faith in the unseen a boost, because something so close to it is playing-out in front of you. 

       “The storm that comes and rattles your windows and your nerves, floods your yard, falls trees, and downs electric lines is an experience you wish to not have many times.  It is unsettling.  But, above that storm, beyond that storm, there is a peaceful sky, and a bright sun.  This plays-out in your relationship with The Creator of All Things.  No matter what is going-on around you, The Source of All Power is always there, within you.  But, often you cannot feel The Presence of God with you, because of all the clouds, and lightening, and thunder within you, blocking the passageways of your inner sanctuary, crowding the paths, and the roads, making it difficult for you to reach that chamber, and be at peace.  But, just because there are storms around you and within you, it does not mean that God is not there with you, as well.  For, just as the sun and the blue sky are beyond the clouds, so too is The Presence of God within you. 

       “Once you grasp this teaching, and fully comprehend the meaning, you will grow in wisdom, and the storms will not threaten you, even though they might invade your present day, you will know that God is with you, not far away.  And, the storm will pass, and you will be at peace.”


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