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October 28, 2020


      Every noble deed begins as a seed, of inspiration, in thought.  And for the thought to grow, and to continue, one must rise-up, and say, “Yes, I will do it.”  And then, the seed takes root, within, and begins to grow.  And with determination, that person, who did rise, and say, “I will do it,” continues the creation, so that it becomes great.  But before it can become great, there must be one willing to say, “I will do it.”  Each one of you is carrying a seed, which is meant to grow into greatness.  Some of the seeds might be intended to be grand in scope, in greatness, while others be smaller, in greatness.  But it does not diminish the greatness.  You are meant to be the continuation, that is the seed of inspiration, within you.  But it will not happen, until you find the strength, and courage, and faith, to rise-up, and say, “Yes, I will do it.”

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Before any seed becomes a garden, of flowers, or vegetables, or herbs, it must be planted, in fertile soil, there must be a gardener, who is willing to have the faith, that if they put that seed into fertile soil, it will grow, and produce.  But the seed will never produce, will never reach its great potential, if it is closed in a jar, or in a package.  For the seed to reach its true greatness, its true potential, there must be a hand, of a gardener, with the faith to plant the seed, knowing it will grow into its greatness.