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October 29, 2019




      Be a good custodian, be nurturing and kind, and at the same time vigilant, regarding your thoughts.  Your thoughts are something that you can often hide from others.  It feels as if you are in a solitary space, which you do not share with another, unless inclined to do so.  Be mindful of what you are thinking, for in the area of thought you have complete and absolute control, you are the master.  If you permit your thoughts to wander into darkness, or even shadow, there you will be.  Be vigilant, be watchful, and train your thoughts to be of beauty, to be of life, eternal life, because each thought is a seed, and soon it will grow.

                                                                And The Holy Spirit says:

      There is so much happening within you, and your thoughts are control-center.  And, while others might not be able to see your thoughts, or hear your thoughts, unless you share freely, your thoughts are revealed in your words, and your actions.  Let your thoughts bless this day.  Plant a garden of goodness, kindness, generosity, add some seeds for compassion and understanding, and let your garden grow.  Be mindful of your thoughts today.