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October 29, 2020


      When winds rise-up, and the force they carry uproots trees, and threatens buildings, and other things, you seek protection.  When the rains do fall, and the wind carries them, throwing them right and left, battering flowers, and bushes, and bringing rivers up, beyond the point of safety, you seek sanctuary.  When the storms howl around you, you do not go out and challenge them.  You seek peace, within your home, or with others, or another place, where you feel, warm, and held close.  And there you stay, until the storm passes.  Follow this same practice when spiritual storms, when the agents of darkness and shadow, threaten with their force.  Seek protection, and sanctuary, within My arms.  Stay with Me, until the storm(s) of darkness and shadow pass over you.  Then, walk out.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is common practice, within cities, and counties, and states, even small villages, to provide, all residents, information, about where to seek shelter, during a storm.  Today, I bring you information, about where to seek shelter, when the agents of darkness and shadow threaten to uproot, and demolish, all things around you.  When you are in the midst of such a storm, be still, and you will find protection in The Arms of God.  Do not think that you can walk, amidst darkness and shadow, as it howls, and ravages, without being injured, in some way.  Seek The Arms of God, today.