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October 3, 2020



      When a friend, or family member, finds they are walking through difficult times, be present with them.  If they are sad, it is not necessary for you to increase their sadness with your own.  If they are angry, or filled with hatred, it is not necessary for you to increase their anger, or hatred, with that of your own.  If they are filled with guilt, or shame, it is not necessary for you to feel the same.  What is required, what is good, is: that you be a presence with them; that you stand with them; that you bring your inner peace to them, but hold it quietly within; that you walk through that storm with them, bringing your peace.  Every step they take, take it with them, quietly, in peace.  For that which they are facing is theirs to face, but your presence brings a pool of peace.  Each time they look your way, they see your peace.  Each time they reach-out, they touch your peace.  And as the journey ends, their turmoil is washed away by the presence of your peace with them.  And when at last you stand together, in the light of the sun, having taken that difficult journey together, one-by-one: your peace will be the pool in which they wash; your peace will be the rock on which they climb, to stand high, breathe deeply, and to say, “Thank you for this new day.”  Resist the temptation to increase pain with commiseration.  Stand with your loved one in preservation of peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Peace is still.  It is quiet.  It is calm.  It is healing.  Today, practice being a peaceful presence, wherever you go.  The power of a peaceful presence can calm the storm, without you saying a word, without lifting a hand, because peace is healing.  The best thing you can do for a friend in need is to be a peaceful presence, and to allow the power of your peaceful presence to fill them, and hold them, until they are ready to rise-up, and say, “Welcome, to the new day.”