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October 30, 2019



      Look around you and be amazed at the miracles you know as everyday life on Earth:  the large butterflies, look at them, colors floating in the breeze; bumble bees, look at them, holding themselves aloft on wings so small.  Look around you, you are enfolded in the arms of the air you breathe.  You cannot see where it begins, or where it stops.  And, this air around you, it is filled with oxygen that you breathe, oxygen created by trees and plants.  Look around you and be amazed at the miracle of life.

                                                              And The Holy Spirit says:

      Sometimes, as you age, during your journey upon the Earth, you become jaded to what is happening around you every day.  And, where once as a child you stood, wide-eyed in amazement at butterflies, and bumble bees, and beautiful trees waving in the breeze, now much older, and you believe wiser, you walk through your days, no longer looking at these miracles of life.  Stop, look, and see.


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