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October 30, 2020


      When children, young ones, are placed in your care, be mindful of the seeds you are planting in their hearts.  Be mindful of your thoughts, and words, and deeds.  Check your energy.  Make sure that you are not saying words, which hold anger or frustration.  Children absorb all around them.  Much like a sponge absorbs the water, they take what is happening around them into themselves.  Each child is a precious garden of God.  Do not spoil that garden, by the things that you say, or do.  When children are in your care, let them hear, and see, the best of you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, when you are tired, when you have grown weary of the ways of the world, it is easy to get grumpy, or irritated.  But it is also just as easy, to rid yourself of that temptation, to play around with lesser energies, and draw on the love of God.  When you are tempted to be grumpy, be kind, because kindness will soon overtake the lesser energy.  When you are tempted to be irritated, be understanding, be compassionate, and your understanding, compassionate ways will overtake the lesser energy.  It is no longer appropriate to blame another, or a situation, for the things you do, which are really not the best of you.  It is time to stand-up, and be, the best you can be.  Walk in the light of God, and you will see.