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October 31, 2020



      Let today, be the day, that you choose to do a good deed, for another person, without expecting any acknowledgement, or even a “thank you,” simply performing a good deed, because it is good, indeed.  Perform this good deed with respect and love.  You will find, once it is done, that the good deed is still echoing within you, and that you really need no acknowledgement, or even a “thank you,” from another.  The good deed, in itself, is good.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Doing, for another person, is a gift of service.  However, sometimes, this gift of service is done in a spirit of reluctance, or maybe it is done in haste, or it is done to check something off a list, or to complete a project.  It might be time to dismantle that list of obligations, and begin simply, by doing a good deed, and just letting the good deed speak for itself, because it is impossible to do a good deed, for another, without creating good, within yourself.


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