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October 4, 2020



      “I AM with you.  And I offer My presence with you, in such a way, that those of you, who will accept The Gift of My presence with you, will feel it, sometimes in an unusual way.  Your hands will become warm, your feet will tingle, the top of your head will feel as if it has been tousled a bit, by The Wind.  Or perhaps, you will just know it, within.  And with this knowing, you will begin to acknowledge this trans-dimensional communication, often called prayer, unites those of us here, with those of you there, because it is all One; you are here, and we are there.  And when you use this information, to full advantage, you walk over the Earth divinely inspired, divinely led.  


      “Today, I would like to encourage each of you to try something, a bit different.  It is certainly not taught, or encouraged, by the rules of modern day, the world created around you.  It is acknowledged: when you walk out in nature, in the woods; when you touch a tree, hold a rock, listen to the song of a bird.  The ways of the world do not fit comfortably in the ways of nature.  Nature is, and so are you. 

      “I would like each of you, today, to open to what is yours, because what is yours is beyond earthly value.  You have access to Divine Wisdom.  You have access to Eternal Love.  You have access to total Forgiveness, for anything you think you might have done, or said, or thought.  You have this extraordinary ability, to reach beyond who you think you are, and come to know who you really are.  And one of the ways, you can begin to appreciate this, is to begin your day by receiving all that is yours.  Do not leave it laying around on the floor, or a chair, or on the top of a desk.  Accept what is yours. 

      “There is a flow, that comes from The Creator of All Things.  And that flow moves directly toward you, without any kind of restriction.  There is not a marker over each person, saying, this person deserves that much, and that person deserves this much.  No, it is just there.  Access it.  Access the most creative power, which is love, and let it flow into you.  Soak it up.  Use it.  It is there.  It is yours.  Be the sponge.  Breathe it.  Feel it.  And then, let it flow through you.  And, as you move through the day, offer it as a Gift.  Yes, give it away.  Let it flow, unabated, through you.  Just as it comes from The Creator to you, continue this creation, because in doing so, you are going to begin to see how it feels to be part of The One.  Do not hesitate, because of fear of rejection.  Go up to that person, and offer them, The Gift of Love.  Now, whether they accept it, or not, is actually up to them.  But The Gift, once given, is there.  It cannot be denied.  You have offered The Gift of Love.  Continue to do it, without fear of rejection.  It does not matter: who picks it up, and receives it; who takes that love, and holds it, as a precious gift.  What matters is you are receiving it, acknowledging The Gift, and believing it so valuable, that you let it flow, from you, to others.  You are in The Divine Flow when you do this.  And, if you do it enough, you will find some who will receive The Gift.  And that is a glorious moment.  One that should be celebrated.  That Gift continues to grow.  That person, that received your Gift of Love, will go out, and do the same.  And you can do it with any beautiful energy.  Give The Gift of Forgiveness, if necessary.  And, if it is rejected, do not stop, continue.  Do not let fear, of being thought foolish, stop you from giving The Gift of Forgiveness. 

      “Give The Gift of Peace.  For, once you move into life, doing this giving of gifts of love, and kindness, generosity, compassion, which is so needed, it does not matter to you anymore whether it is accepted.  What is important is the giving.  Give The Gift, so that you can truly say, just as your Creator says, ‘I have given The Gift.  Whether you accept it, or not, that is up to you.  But still, I offer My Gift to you.’

      “I did this.  When I walked upon the Earth, two thousand years ago, I did it.  And it will bring you great peace to deliver The Gifts of Heaven to Earth, as you make your way, as you continue your journey, as you follow your destiny.  Deliver The Gifts.  Do not stop.  Do not hide behind a wall of fear, of rejection, or being thought foolish.  Boldly go into the day, and say this, ‘I offer The Gifts.  I give you The Gift of my Love.  I give you The Gift of my Compassion.  I give you The Gift of Joy and Peace.’  The more you give, the more you will find you have.  And your life will be rich, and full, and free from fear, of any kind, because The Gift, once given, is Divine.”