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October 5, 2019

      You have the leading role in the book, in the play, that is your lifetime upon the Earth.  Accept the role, and do not assign yourself to a minor part.  It was not intended for you to be the villain, or to play an insignificant part in your lifetime upon Earth.  As you begin each day, cast yourself in the extraordinary role that is meant for you, uniquely for you.  Let your thoughts, and words, and deeds reflect all the glory that I have given to you.  Do not minimize yourself or your role.  Here is My Light shine as the star you are.

                                                        And The Holy Spirit says:

      Sometimes there is the temptation, when you are reading a book, or watching a movie or a play, or even listening to a story told about another person, to believe that you could never do what has just been told to you, what has been done by another.  Believe in yourself, believe in The Power of God within you.  Believe, and then do.  Come the end of the day you will be astonished at the magnificent things which came from you.  Be a reflection of your Heavenly Parent today.