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October 5, 2020



      The wise one does not seek to mock, or belittle, another.  The wise one takes no joy in another’s misfortune.  The wise one knows where the work is to be done, and it is within.  You will not see the wise one shaking their fist in anger against another.  You will find the wise one, sitting quietly, moving inward, making the journey, down the corridors of their sacred self, and therein, finding peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Seek to sit with the wise one.  Seek the company of the wise one.  You will not find the wise one strutting across the stage.  You will find the wise one, the sage, sitting quietly.  The purpose of this is to stay connected with The Wisdom of All Time.  You cannot hear when you are yelling, or raising your voice, or stomping your feet.  You can hear when it is quiet.  Quiet carries wisdom.  Seek the company of the wise one, today.