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October 6, 2019

      My child, do not make the simple difficult.  I give you My words of truth, and they are simple.  Do not make them difficult.  Simplicity, followed with ease, love one another.  This is simple.  The ways of the world might seem to make it difficult, but it is not difficult.  It is simple.  It is truth.

                                                             And The Holy Spirit says:

      When you create there is the basic foundation of the creation.  It is the backbone, it is the strength.  And, as you create, and continue to add more to the basic foundation of your creation, what is added later is a flourish, a decoration.  When you prepare a meal, it is basic, it is your creation; but, to make it special, you might add spices, you might add flourishes here and there, even decoration.  But, do not miss the foundation, and take-up with the flourishes and decoration.  Do not eat the salt, and the pepper, and the sugar, and leave the vegetables, the berries, the basic creation.  God’s words are simple.  Take them into yourself, and let God’s simple direction lead you into an extraordinary lifetime of Heaven upon Earth.