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October 6, 2019

      “I AM with you.  I AM with you so that you might be confident in what you are led to do.  I AM with you to remind you of who you are, so that you might do what you are meant to do.  I AM with you, and I touch you, so that you might always believe that your life is eternal.  There is so much more for you to see, to remember, to return to, and to be.  I AM with you.                               


       “I AM with you today to remind you to not complicate the simple, beautiful words of God.  There is no need to complicate the directions which come from God.  So, I will not complicate what I AM going to say to you this morning.  It will be simple, direct, and to the point.  You read about My life.  You read My words.  You ponder My mission.  And, most of the time you acknowledge that, as I was sent as The Living Word, The Example, you take courage and find strength in My example.  How many times I repeated: ‘These are not My words.  They are the words of Our Father;’ ‘That which I do, I do for the glory of God.’  This does not sound unusual to you, because you have heard it said, or you have read it yourself.  Therefore, you must take some clue that I was not stringing together a series of incidents, and occurrences, and words that: were My own; were what I thought; were what I had learned in the world around Me.  No.  I did, and I said, as I was directed by God.  That was My life, and that is why My mission, My ministry, holds true today, as it did thousands of years ago, because there were no worldly flourishes, or decorations, attached to what I did.  I did as I was told to do, I spoke what I was told to say, and My mission was perfect each and every day.  And, I took great joy in doing it.

       “Do not loose sight of the fact that, if you are upon the Earth, you too have a mission.  Do not focus so much attention on what I did and what I said that you lose track of what you are doing, and what you are saying.  If you take what I said, and go deeper, you will understand, more completely, and succinctly, The Living Word, an Example, a Guidebook, just for you.  You do not even have to think on that, just rise-up with great joy, because you will be guided to know exactly what you are to do, and what you are to say, if you can pull from you the power of the ego that distracts you, reminding you: what the rules of the world are; what the teachings of the world are; what other people will do or say, if you act in a certain way.  My brothers and sisters turn your head from that immediately.  If you want to live a joyful life of meaning, rise-up and do as God guides you to do.

       “I Am the vine and you are the branches, this is a teaching of oneness, coming together.  The vine and the branches.

“The Parable of the Prodigal Son, this is a teaching of great importance; but it was told simply as a story that everyone who was listening might understand and comprehend.  Ah, but those who were open, and waiting, and thirsty, and hungry for more, they took it deeper, and understood the meaning.  It was guidance, direction on how you should live your life: giving what you have to others; accepting them back into your arms and heart, even when they throw what you have given them away, and denied you their presence, denied you their kiss, for a while.  Give, and then give more, and then stand ready to open the door when they return.  It is guidance.  It is simple.  What about the story, the parable, about the workers in the field, who line-up, and are paid equal, no matter when they came to work in the field?  Explanation, this parable is explanation!  No worker in the world created by man would accept the same payment, if they had worked all day, as the one who had worked fifteen minutes; but, the explanation is of God’s reality, what God has, and gives freely to all has no limits, is denied to no one.  You come to God, and all the glory that is God, and it is not set aside in boxes for the one who has been ‘good’ for ten years, or the one who has been ‘good’ for fifteen minutes.  It is all there.  It is the same.  God is love, simple and pure.  It is given freely, because it is. 

      “Give of yourself freely, because you are.  Do not shower your love upon those who do what you expect them to do, and portion it out to those who are not so attentive.  Let the glory of God flow through you, so that the glory of God is the story of a child of God.  These things are simple.  The ways of the world try to make them complicated, and some say, difficult to do.  But today, I say to you, they are simple, soften your heart and do.”