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October 8, 2020



    Pay attention to what you are doing.  Stay in the present.  Do not give your focus to distractions, calling you to look this way, or to go over there.  Be where you are, doing what you are doing, so that you might accomplish the goal, and move forward, without delay, without missteps, without falling into chaos, or confusion.  If you find yourself standing on a precipice, or walking on a narrow ledge, high above what you consider familiar territory, be still.  Do not look down, or you could become disoriented, and lose your footing.  Stay in the present, taking one step at a time, with your focus straight ahead, and soon you will leave the ledge far behind, walking a path in comfortable terrain, once again.  Stay in the present.  If your journey leads you onto an uneven path, with rocks, and puddles, and slippery slopes, do not look up, and all around, as you walk.  Stay focused on where you are stepping, or distraction will bring you down.  Stay in the present.  When uncertainties or adversities come into your life, stay in the present.  Do not let your focus be interrupted with distractions.  Reach-out, and take My hand, for I AM with you, through all things.  And I will remain with you throughout every day, and every night, until we make our way Home.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Walk in the present piece of eternity that is with you.  Stay focused on that which is with you.  Take each step with purpose, and respect where you are, at the time you are there.  The adventure will unfold with every step of your journey, and I shall be with you, all along The Way.