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October 9, 2020



      Do not dismiss those, who walk into your life, as unimportant.  Every person, who walks into your life, is important.  They bring you a message.  They help you see the truth.  Sometimes, it is a lesson on patience.  Other times, it might be a lesson, having to do with, pride, and ego.  But no matter what the exchange, it is important.  Therefore, look for the lesson, because the lesson brought to you, by each person, is a gift from Me: so that you will clearly see, all that is happening around you; so that your eyes will be open; so that you will learn compassion, for others.  Do not miss the opportunity to be kind, and loving, and generous, with your time.  For, there is a Light, which comes to each of you, and often that Light is in the form of another human being.  Watch for the opportunity, and be vigilant, and welcome the lesson brought, as it is a Light, which will show you The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Those who are vigilant, those who are watching: see the opportunity; are blessed by The Light; and therefore, know The Way.