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September 1, 2019

      With respect to weather, storms roll in and out of your lives, storms created within an atmosphere of unstable air: hot air, cold air, lift, movement.  Sometimes, these storms become very powerful, as the instability grows.  Sometimes, the storms are calmed, as they move over bodies of water and land; and sometimes, the bodies of water and land crossed create a stronger storm.  The storm moves, it comes and it goes, formed when the air is unstable.  With regard to you, your personal, your spiritual environment, atmosphere can become turbulent, and feel very stormy when there is instability, when around you things seem chaotic, confusing, as all of these energies crash together, and bring stormy weather into your environment.  No matter if it is the weather, or your personal atmosphere or environment, above the stormy clouds, above the chaos and confusion you will always find blue skies and sunshine, you will always find Peace and Light.

                                                             And The Holy Spirit says:

      While on the ground you might be experiencing a storm, above the clouds it is peaceful, safe, and warm.  There is always sunshine and blue skies.  The storms come, and the storms go, but it is good to know that above the storm is the light; and, this applies to your life, your physical environment, your personal atmosphere, as well.  Above the chaos and confusion you will always find The Light.