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September 1, 2019

      “I AM with you.  Good morning, good morning, I AM with you.  I bring you messages from the other side of the veil, so that you might know, so that you might prevail against the energies of darkness and shadow, against the beings of darkness and shadow, so that you might lift your head and your heart, your spirit and your soul, and proclaim, ‘I am a child of God, and I know which way to go.’  I bring you these messages so you might know The Way.

      “As you walk upon the Earth you will surely encounter stormy weather: clouds roll-in, rain falls, thunderclaps, and lightning strikes.  You can feel the change in the air.  You can feel the charge in the air; and, the winds blow and rage, and then settle down, and it is time to turn the page, as the storm goes away, and skies are blue.  You experience different types of weather, sunny days, rainy days, snowy days, wet days, all of it part of the Earth experience.  And, how you experience these changes in weather have an impact on your life upon Earth.  If you are prepared for that which is coming, it is just another interesting aspect of your life upon the Earth.  So, be prepared, for each of you know that what you are experiencing beneath the clouds, beneath the storm, is not the same, if you could rise above the storm, for when you do rise above the storm you see blue skies, sunshine. 

      “Be prepared for the weather that comes your way.  Do not ignore, do not turn your head.  Accept the notice and be prepared.  So, let us apply this to the storms in your personal, or spiritual, environment, the atmosphere around your body, the turbulence from friends or family, or the turbulence created within you.  When things seem unstable, when they seem to be in chaos, when confusion rules your thoughts, it is time to rise above the storm, where you will see The Light.  If you get caught-up in the storm, you are held within the winds that batter, and shatter your tranquility.  When stormy weather prevails, let your spirit soar above it, and find The Light.

       “You can always find peace.  Therefore, be prepared.  Be prepared for whatever comes your way: spiritually, emotionally, physically.  Be prepared by staying connected with God, by staying connected with The Kingdom of God that is within you.  Let that connection be the source of safety and comfort, of instruction and direction.  When you are prepared in this way, no matter what comes to you this day, or any day, you will be able to rise above it, and find The Light.  And, as all storms come, all storms go.  Be prepared, and let it flow, as you rise-up and experience The Light above the storm, be it day, or be it night.”