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September 1, 2021


      The hallways, and corridors, and rooms, of Heaven, are filled with the reflection of the creation, the creation of life, all life.  And, as it lives, this “all of life,” it might change form, and move to different places, it might transform, and ascend, and take on properties, but it lives.  All creation, My creation, is of Heaven.  Mother Earth, My creation, of living planet, brings forth new life forms, into trees, different trees, different vegetation, and it is a continuation of My creation, all living, all changing, modifying to fit, where it is, at the present moment of eternity; all of it living, and this includes you.  You are of My creation.  My creation continues, in you, and through you, and you change, and you modify, but you are as perfect creation, living in the moment of eternity, where you are, right now.  Creation continues.  Where I said, there is life, there continues to be life.  The life might change form, and transition, or modify to fit the position, of where you might find yourself, at the present piece of eternity, but you are still living.  That which I created shall never die.  It lives, and this includes you.  Look around at My creation, continuing now.  See it.  Know it, as My creation, and then know Me, within that which you see, for I AM with you, in My creation, that is continuing, within you, and all around you.  See Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Pay attention to that, which you know, within your being.  Pay attention to the creation, happening, and continuing, all around you.  The flowers, the rivers, the streams, the trees, the rocks, they are all a continuation of The Great Creation of The Great I AM.  God’s creation is continuing.  God gave life.  Life does not die.  God is with you, now.  Look around, then go within, and meet your Creator, God.