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September 10, 2019

      I wish for you to know The Way.  I wish for you to know The Way clearly.  I wish for you to have all that you need within you, so that you might find courage and strength to meet each challenge as an opportunity, and know exactly what to do, because you have mastered the information sent to you.  My Holy Spirit is with you, listen.  My Holy Spirit is upon you, accept.  My Holy Spirit wishes to guide and inform you, believe.  My Holy Spirit will show you The Way so that there is not one day or night wherein you are afraid or frightened of anything.  My Holy Spirit is the bringer of courage and strength.  My Holy Spirit will lead you Home.

                                                             And The Holy Spirit says:

      I AM with you, and I will not abandon you.  Seek the answers to your questions within, for that is where you will find Me, for that is where I have been, because God has sent Me to you so that you would know exactly what to do.  When you have a question, find a quiet place and be still, raise-up that question within your being, and wait; and, the answer will settle within you, touching all pieces of you, bringing God’s peace to you.