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September 10, 2021



      When you hold a piece of fruit, in your hand, and it does not matter whether it is an orange, or a pear, or an apple, when you hold that fruit, in your hand, you see it, and know it, as what it is: an orange, or a pear, or an apple.  You notice the outside layer, the skin of the fruit, either appears perfect to you, or carries a slight scar.  Still, it is that piece of fruit you intend to eat, to nourish your body, for the nutrients within it.  And you bite into this piece of fruit, and the taste is good, and you take it within yourself, and all the nutrients move into your system.  The apple, the orange, the pear, that which they hold is moving within you, digesting within you. But at the core of that fruit is the seed, the seed promising continued life, if it is not discarded, but planted, so it might grow, and produce more fruit.  I give you the gift of life, eternal life, and that life, the eternal life, is the seed.  It continues to grow, and produce fruit, forever.  Right now, you have wrapped around your eternal life seed a body of Earth.  And your body might appear perfect, to most, or it might bear scars, but none the less, that body has the ability to help others, feed others, nurture others.  But to get to the eternal life, you must shed the Earth body, and return to the seed, that is you, eternally you. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       To understand some of the great mysteries it only takes for you to really look at what is around you, the fruit you eat, the flowers you enjoy, the trees, which shade you, the waters of the Earth, which keep you hydrated, and carry you places, and cleanse you, and cleanse the Earth, all of these things around you.  Take a look at them, because they carry the answer to many mysteries, if you will go to the core, of that which you are seeing, at that time.  Go deeper, so that you might be wiser, as you walk upon the Earth.