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September 11, 2019

      Do not permit the demons of anger to establish a foothold within you, for once gaining access, they will surely shatter your peace, and destroy your joy, shaking you into exhaustion and turmoil.  Call upon Me, My child, and I will teach you The Way, and reveal the weakness of anger, so that you might see and know.  Once you master the energy of anger it will have no hold upon you, and you will rise above its chaos into My Light.  When you are filled with My light there is no place for anger within you, only Light, only Love.

                                                            And The Holy Spirit says:

      Whenever you are threatened and tempted by the demons of anger, turn your head and call upon The Light of God, for no demon can stand within The Power of The Light of God.  And, once you are held in the arms of God, once you are shining, and brilliant with The Light of God, anger will cease, and fade, and depart from you.  Your deliverance will be complete in The Light, and the demons shall dance no more.