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September 11, 2020


      It is possible for you to repeat words from Sacred Scripture, yet they are hollow, and without meaning, when there is bitterness upon your heart, when there are people, and situations, needing forgiveness, which has yet been released by you.  The most loving of words, the kindest of words, fall short, and hold little meaning, if you do not know love, and kindness, within you.  Before you speak of the importance of love, and forgiveness, make sure you are filled with love, and forgiveness.  In other words, live that which you say, every day.  Keep your own counsel.  Live what you are saying.  And then, others will accept what you are saying, because you are speaking, from within.  It is not surface.    It is not hollow.  Your words, ring true, because your words abide within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       An apology, when offered sincerely, from the heart, is always accepted, because it is true.  You hear it in the words.  They are not hollow.  They are not empty.  They are rich, and they are full.  And they bring forth that which is within you.  An apology, offered only as a means to an end, does not ring true.  Let the words you speak reflect that which you are, within.  If you are going to speak words of love, empty yourself of hate, and anger.  If you are going to speak words of forgiveness, empty yourself of retaliation, the desire for revenge.  That which you hold, within, can sabotage that which you are saying, unless the two are as one.  Before you speak, make sure that, that which you intend to say, can be found within you.  And then, there are many dimensions to what you say, and all the dimensions hold truth, and your words are rich, and full.