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September 11, 2021



      The smallest of flowers, has all the components, as does the largest of flowers.  It is the same.  It has exactly what it needs to be the flower it is meant to be.  The smallest of trees, has all the components, as the largest of trees.  It has exactly what it needs to be the tree it is meant to be.  You can look around, and search through creation, and find that, no matter how small that, which you are observing, might be, it has all the components, that the larger version has that is easy to see, because of its size.  But because it is small that, which it has, is not diminished, because it has all it needs.  Pray upon this, watch it, observe it, and your understanding, of this, will be deeper than before you began to look, to see, that the smallest is as great as the largest, and the largest is no greater than the smallest.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      When a child is born into a family, one of the things you hear, most often, at first, is the amazement at the tiny fingers, and toes, of all the small parts of this child.  It seems incredible, but there it is.  The newborn baby is complete.  The child has all it needs, physically.  That which creates, or makes-up, the pieces, and parts, of this child’s anatomy is the same as the largest of the adults, standing around in awe at the little fingers, and toes, little ears, and lips, and nose.  Pay attention to what you see around you today, because each is complete in its own way, from the flowers, to the trees, to little nose on the face of the child.  Every creation is complete in its wholeness.  Do not look, so much, for size, to be impressed, rather look for the smallest, and be in awe, of how within the smallest there is held all that is in the largest, each creation having all it needs.