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September 12, 2020



      When you are experiencing illness, or injury, or emotional stress, good direction guides you: to move slowly; to take your time; to seek peace, and quiet, whenever possible; to set aside difficult projects, and tasks; to avoid making big decisions; to avoid noise, and chaos; to rest, and eat well.  Well, My child, the direction and guidance is the same: when you are experiencing difficult times; when chaos is swirling all around you; when it is difficult to see The Way, because of the clouds, the disturbance of confusion; when you are not quite sure which story to trust, or which one to follow.  Take your time.  Do not rush.  Rest.  Feed your body with good food.  Take yourself to a quiet place, and pray, and you will feel My Presence with you, and you will soon know The Way, once again.  During times of illness, injury, stress, crisis, or upheaval, the guidance is still the same.  Be still and whisper My name.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Resist the temptation to get caught-up in the whirlwind.  Be still, and come unto Me, and I will gather thee under My wings, and hold thee, until all storms have passed.