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September 12, 2021

When difficult decisions are yours to bear, do not hold onto them, do not leave them there, clouding your sight, and your vision, clouding your sleep, and your dreams.  Bring every difficult decision to Me.  We will share the difficult decisions, together.  Set them down before Me.  Ask, and as a good Parent, I will tell you exactly how to resolve the decision, that has fallen upon you.  You do not need to make it on your own.  Trust that I will guide you in the ways, My ways, The Way.  

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When the decision, with you, is so difficult that all those around you acknowledge, you have a difficult decision to make, then there comes a temptation to go to each one around you, and ask, “What would you do?”  “What would you do?”  “What would you do?”  And if you ask two people, you will get two answers.  And if you ask twenty, you will get twenty answers.  And if you ask two hundred, you will get two hundred answers.  And it is possible for none of them to be the same.  Then, you are left, not only with the difficult decisions, but with two hundred possible resolutions.  And the reality of it is that none of the two hundred resolutions could be right, for you.  The only way, you will know, that you have the right guidance, for the difficult decision, with you, is if you will sit with Me.  I hold The Wisdom of Heaven.  It is astonishing, to realize, that you can ask, of God, and God will respond, in answer.  You can sit, with Me, and I will respond, in answer, because I AM The Spirit of God, within thee.  Do not carry this burden, any longer.  Do not bear the decision, alone.  Come within, and sit, and be still, and the answer, the resolution, will come, for you, and it will be exactly the right one, for you, and it will bring you peace, in the doing of it.