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September 12, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I bring the peace of Heaven to you, for Heaven is always near to you, a whisper, a movement, slight movement, of your hand, reaching into a place of divine perfection, Heaven.  And it is yours, and with you, for the asking.  Ask, and you shall receive.  And as you live in the world, you will move in the world, and you will do what is necessary to live in the world, but you will be more pronounced, as one of Heaven, because of what you say, and do, because you hear what I say to you.  Let us walk, together, today, amongst the flowers, and the grasses, of Earth, speaking of heavenly ways, walking The Way.                       



      “Many of you, right now, are plagued, with difficult decisions, decisions that you might wish you could hand to someone else, and say, ‘Take this.  I do not want to deal with it.  It is too challenging.’  The truth of it is, if the decision has fallen upon you, it is yours to handle, but you do not have to make the decision, on your own.  Still, do not let this decision making eat into you, breaking bone, and tearing sinew and muscle, becoming so heavy, in its weight, you cannot move.  It is not necessary for you to bear such a weight.  Take this decision, and sit with God, and listen, with intention, and purpose.

      “When the decision is of such weight, you must be willing to take the time.  If it takes hours, take hours.  If it takes days, take days.  But sit with God, until it is done, and you rise-up, and know The Way to resolution, without concern of what others are thinking the resolution should be, because everyone around you will have an opinion about what you should do with this decision, that is a burden to you.

      “As I walked upon the Earth, there were those who tried to trick Me into making a decision, one way, or the other.  I always asked God, The Father, ‘What should I say?’  And then I would pronounce the words, that were not My words, but the words of The Father.  In so doing, those around Me knew The Way of God, through what I was saying, because it was The Will of God.  Many times, I had to make decisions, that were not pleasing to those around Me.  There was one such time when a young man came and asked Me what he should do, so that he could follow Me.  And I told him what he needed to do, but he could not bring himself to do it.  He made a decision himself, and once his decision was made, I walked away.  When those around Me asked for answers to certain questions, the answer I gave, was the answer God gave to Me to give.  You are never alone, in a decision-making process, if you take your question to God.  I was never plagued with the decisions, I was freed of the burden of them, by speaking the words of God. 

      “When God gives you the resolution to the decision, state it, clearly.  Do not feel you have to stay to enforce, or re-enforce, that resolution.  State the resolution, as God has given you the resolution, and walk away.  You will be free of the burden, of the decision, knowing it was resolved in The Way of God, through The Wisdom of God, by The Hand of God, touching you.”