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September 13, 2019

      It can be a difficult process, climbing out of the pits of despair, frustration, anguish, anxiety, doubt, feelings of rejection.  These shadowy places, these places of darkness, can rob you of the joy of each day, unless you have thanksgiving in your heart, unless you know gratitude.  For, when you are assailed by darkness or shadow, you feel as if you have been pulled-down into a pit, and just trying to climb out can be very difficult.  But, when you hold thanksgiving upon your heart, when you know a prayer of gratitude, then your focus turns to the gifts you have been given: that which is all around you, that is sacred and holy; those who are around you, who take your hand, touch your heart, and remind you of all the wonderful things you have done, of the kind words you have spoken, in their time of need.  If today you find yourself in a pit of shadow or darkness, so tired that to climb-out does not seem possible, begin a prayer of gratitude.  Find one thing, and say it.  Wear that one thing, for which you are grateful, as a golden ring upon your finger.  Once you have found one thing, you will find another, and soon: your fingers will bear rings of gratitude; your head will wear a crown of gratitude; upon your shoulders will rest the robe of gratitude; and, you will find that you are out of the pit, walking into The Light, lifted-up on the wings of gratitude.

                                                               And The Holy Spirit says:

      Gratitude and thanksgiving, do not let these things escape you, gratitude, thanksgiving.  When you are down, or feeling low, or at the bottom of a pit of shadow or darkness, the only way to go up is to go within, and be still, and begin to list the things for which you are grateful; and, do not hesitate to reach-back into your childhood.  Do not forget to be grateful for the taste of a cold popsicle on a warm summer day.  Do not forget to be grateful for the breeze, that comes out of nowhere to cool you down as you work or play.  Do not forget to be grateful for the song of the bird that is so beautiful it beckons you to be still and listen, for just a while.  Do not forget to be grateful for the gift of a smile.  Today, do not forget to be grateful.

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