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September 13, 2020



      When you pray, you are communicating with Me.  And, when I answer, I AM communicating with thee.  But this is not the only means of our communication.  You communicate with Me, every time you interact with all My other children of Earth.  For, as you are My child, look around you, and you will see My other children, living amongst thee, with thee.  And the way you think about one of My children is communicating that thought to Me.  And what you say to My other children, you say to Me.  And that which you do, for, or against, My other children, you do, for, or against, Me.  You communicate with Me, in many ways.  It is time to take this communication seriously, and sacredly, for I AM with thee, all the time.  And, you are speaking to Me, not just in your prayer, but in things that you think, and do, and say.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It might be surprising to learn, that communication with God, does not cease, at the end of your prayer.  You do not turn a switch, which permits communication with Heaven, when you begin to pray.  You do not turn off the switch, which ends communication with Heaven, as you end your prayer.  This communication is open all the time.  Your thoughts are flowing, in communication.  The words that you speak to others, and about others, are flowing, as communication.  The deeds that you do, no matter what you do to, or for, or against, the children of God, upon Earth, these acts communicate your thoughts, they fulfil your words.  These things are the deeds, and the words, and the thoughts of the children of God upon Earth.  It is time to make sacred your thoughts, and words, and deeds, just as you consider your prayer sacred.  Let all of these reflect communication with God, on a higher level, a noble level, worthy of a child of God.