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September 13, 2020



      I AM with you, not from far away, from some distant place, which you cannot reach, I AM with you.  I AM near to you.  I AM ever-present with you.  When you call upon Me, I will speak to you.  There will be times when you love Me, and talk to Me, that I will show Myself to you.  I AM with you.  And I will continue to guide you, until you reach The Portal of Heaven, which is right next to you.  And, in The Time of Passing, you see it, and you see My open arms, as I await you.  I AM with you.


      “When you stop, and think, about My being with you, all the time, ever-present, you begin to question how this is possible.  How can I be so near to you, yet seem so distant, so far away?  It is because you cannot see Me.  I AM in the realm of the unseen, yet it is possible to see Me.  This too is a mystery, a puzzle.  ‘How can it be?’  You wonder.  And then, the gift of faith takes over, and you just believe, because somewhere, within you, you know the truth, and that inner truth leads you to believe, to believe something you have temporarily forgotten.

       “All things exist together.  What you think, or say, or do, has impact, and it travels through where you are, and where you will be, and from whence you came.  These things you think, and say, and do, travel through all of this.  Remember, every day, that you are creating with your thoughts.  And because Heaven is near to you, those of Heaven know your thoughts, they hear your words, they see your deeds.  We are with you.  Just because you cannot see Heaven around you does not mean that Heaven around you does not see, and hear, and know, you.  Believe this, for it is true.  It is worth every effort put forth, to replace shadowy, dark, thoughts, with thoughts of Heavenly Grace, because these thoughts will ennoble you, and bring you great peace.  It is worth every effort to pay attention to the words you say, to the tone in which you say the words, because in pronouncing the words, you are bringing your thoughts, more fully, into the present with you.  And the tone, with which you speak your words, travels-out through time and space, covering where you are, moving toward where you will be, found within the places from whence you come, because it is all with you.  Heaven is near to you.  Remember those words.  And, even by thinking them, you are scratching the surface of something you have forgotten.  Ponder it, and ask for guidance, and it will burst into life, and you will remember.  It is worth every effort you put forth to replace your deeds, which hold shadow and darkness, with deeds filled with strength, and courage, compassion, and love, understanding, and kindness.  In this way, you show, all who are willing to see, the gift you are creating for all eternity.

       “You are forgetting these things, and in forgetting, there comes the possibility, and the opportunity, to think thoughts of shadow and darkness, speak words of shadow and darkness, perform deeds of shadow and darkness.  But, in the remembering, that Heaven is with you, and all that you think, and say, and do, is communicated with God, and all who will watch, and see, and listen, dwelling in The Kingdom of Heaven, then you begin to monitor, with care, so that what you are creating there is a reflection of Heaven within you. 

      “I AM with you.  The Kingdom of God is near to you, and with you.  Rise-up, as you are a citizen of The Kingdom of God, journeying upon the Earth, for just a while.  It is time to remember this.”