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September 13, 2021



      I wish for you to know the joyful reward, of acting, upon the signs you see, without hesitation, immediately.  For, when the sign comes to you, and you respond by doing that which the sign tells you to do, you are exchanging, and working, with Me in the instant, when it is the time, when the time is right, when the need is there, when the gift is there.  When you are in a state of loneliness, and there is knock at the door, and you open the door, and you see the face of a friend, you love, it is an answer to a prayer.  You cannot know exactly why the friend was brought there, to your door, at the exact time, your prayer was being lifted-up.  But you do recognize that it is the answer to your prayer.  This result is meant to be, every time a thought from Me is sent out into eternity, to create a situation that answers a prayer, immediately.  And when the signs come to you, and you see, and you know, and you do, then you are part of the answer to the prayer.  Do not miss the opportunity for this joyful reward.  Watch for the signs.  Do not ignore the signs.  Act upon the signs, and do it, with a sense of urgency.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You will often hear people say, they were wondering about which way they should go, and a sign appeared, and then, they knew.  You will also hear people talk about the signs, they saw, that were confirming what they were thinking.  But you know, in the way they are speaking, that there was no action taken on the sign, or the thinking.  Signs are not random.  They are with purpose, and intention.  Be mindful of the signs you see.  They are sent from God.  They are sent to you, so you will see, and know what to do.  Embrace the signs, that come to you, and without hesitation, do what the signs are directing you to do.