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September 14, 2019

      I wish for you to know how to make thanksgiving and celebration an important piece of every day.  You need to practice the act of celebration, because it is possible to celebrate every aspect of your life upon the Earth.  If the day is ordinary, celebrate.  If the day is extraordinary, celebrate.  If the day appears to fall short of extraordinary, even ordinary, find something to celebrate.  If storms appear on the horizon, celebrate that you have a raincoat, rain-boots, or even an umbrella; and, if you do not have these things with you, celebrate the kiss of the raindrops as they fall, for you can celebrate it all.  If your loose your job and financial matters threaten, celebrate the opportunity to begin anew, and the strength and courage welling-up from within you, which guides you through the doorway of opportunity which comes to you.  If you or a loved one become ill, and health becomes an issue, which includes hospitals, and doctors, and rehabilitation, celebrate every friend and family member who steps forward to lend a hand during the journey.  No matter what is occurring in your life today, there is reason to practice celebration, and in so doing, come to know the gentle ways of thanksgiving.  Soon, you will find that seeking a reason for celebration and thanksgiving is your first response to any type of challenge which might come your way.  Once this is accomplished, you will be ready, and well-prepared, to practice celebration and thanksgiving even when time on Earth is done.

                                                           And The Holy Spirit says:

      Celebrate and be thankful for: ordinary days and extraordinary days; family and friends who step forward during days of challenge; rainy days and sunny days; doors closing and doors of opportunity opening; days of beginning and days of ending.  Celebrate life upon Earth as the magnificent gift which has been given unto you; and, when your time on Earth is through, celebrate all that was given to you, for all of eternity is waiting for you… to return Home, where there will be much celebration and thanksgiving.

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