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September 14, 2020



      There is no more important place for you to be than in this present piece of eternity, using the lessons of the past, to create a day filled with loving thoughts, kind words, and noble deeds, that will last, far beyond the point of their creation.  Let all endeavors of this day be as a prayer, sacred in every way, as spires of light rising, announcing a new kind of day, a day during which the deeds of the present become the seeds of the future days to come.  Celebrate the opportunity that is yours today.  Dance and sing of the joy this day will bring, now and forever.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Today, set the intention to create loving thoughts, kind words, and noble deeds; and dedicate, and consecrate, your creations for The Glory of God.  Let The Glory of God shine all about you, because The Glory of God is all about you, and what God will do through you, as you are fed of, and led by, The Wisdom of Heaven.  Today, you are continuing The Creation of God.  Let it be good.