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September 14, 2021



      Come out from hiding.  Come out of your caves, from under bushes, from deep within your dwellings, from under the cloaks.  Come out, wherever you are.  Come out into My Light.  For there is no need to hide, or to set yourself aside.  Come out into The Light.  For you are limiting yourselves.  You are excluding yourselves.  Come out into The Light.  If you have been under the bushes, and trees, come out, and see each of these, in The Light.  The fruit you have been eating, is the fruit beneath, that which does not get The Light.  Therefore, it is diminished in size, and taste, and is often bitter.  Come out and pick the fruit off of the trees, and the bushes, and out of the soil of the Earth, that is held within My Light, and you will taste, with delight, the ripened fruit, the fruit that has ripened in My Light.  Hide no more.  Come out into The Light, and live abundantly, in My Light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not trap yourself in darkness, feeling unworthy.  Do not hide behind a door, feeling you have done something so deplorable, that no one will ever forgive you.  Do not sit in a corner, trying to be unnoticed.  God did not create you to be anything but glorious, in The Light.  Punish yourself no longer.  Forgive yourself, immediately.  You hold the key to your freedom.  You are worthy.  You are of God.  Claim that heritage, now, and come, into The Light of God.  Do not sit in darkness, when The Light of God is yours.