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September 15, 2020



      When you walk into a day, filled with uncertainty, pay attention to the immediate present, to that which is with you.  Do not look around.  Do not peer ahead of you or turn to see what is behind you.  Pay attention, and take one step at a time, for the uneven terrain will cause you to trip, or slip, and fall.  When the day is filled with uncertainty, focus your attention on moving slowly, and taking one step at a time.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are many examples of times which require caution, as you proceed.  Time of uncertainty are indeed such.  No matter what the uncertainty might be, it requires you to take one step at a time, have one thought at a time.  It is often best to limit your words, until you are through the pathways, and the hallways, and the roadways, of uncertain times.  Once you have cleared the debris, and you are free, and the path ahead looks straight to thee, then resume your gait, look around.  You have made it through that uncertain time.  But always remember, in times of uncertainty, it is best to move slowly, and take one step at a time.